Why I am thankful to small business owners

So today is black friday… I am sitting here on my computer, drinking some freshly made coffee, thinking of all the great food, laughs and family that I got to enjoy yesterday… but I can’t help think about all the people are have been waiting for days, sleeping in tents and waiting in the cold for the doors to open at local Best Buys, Targets and Walmart’s all over the country.

It seems that every year the sales start earlier and earlier.Personally I like to stay home and relax during the holidays, I like
to take advantage of the quiet time with friends and family. As we sat down yesterday to partake of the delicious feast that was prepared with love and dedication, I took a moment to reflect…

I am thankful for many people and countless things in my life but I am also very thankful to the countless business owners from California to New York who have managed to endure the last few years of a brutal economy.

We have a company tradition that every year around the holiday we make it point to personally call all of our clients, many of which are business owners and Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. Once of the key things we make sure they know is that they matter very much to the work we do as a company and without them we couldn’t make a difference in supporting the non-profits and charities in the local communities we serve.

So today as people are making a mad dash down the isles to enjoy the savings on Christmas gifts, I am thankful for the business owners who supply paychecks to countless families…

I am thankful to the business owners who somehow manage to march forward in the face of an ever changing economy.

I am thankful for those new business owners to are full of such passion and pursue their dreams and believe they will become a reality.

On a side note, since today being black friday and all I am very curious to see the amount of credit card processing that takes place across the country. As I was gathering
some thoughts to post this blog entry, I was checking my Facebook page and noticed a very interesting campaign going on between American Express and Google, tomorrow happens to be the second annual Small
Business Saturday…

I have to say I was impressed with the movement they started because small businesses everywhere need big corporations like American
Express and Google to do their part in making sure small business owners enjoy their fair share of holiday shopping.

Until Next Time,
Kim Yen-Gil

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