Square snags one million merchants, liberates the cashless — Engadget

This incredible considering the fact that square is one just over a year old! In a 14 month span they have signed over one million merchants! I was reading an article the other day which also stated to date they have processing over $2 billion in payments

So my question for you (if you have any kind of mobile business) today is what are doing to accept credit cards? I personally have used the square app and have to say its impressive, however I don’t believe it’s for everyone or every business. It’s obvious to me the adoption is being widely accepted because of its ease of use and simplicity but there is a customer service aspect I would imagine is missing 

I say that because Global Merchant Innovations isn’t interested in just helping you accept visa and master cards at great rates, we believe in providing you credit card processing services that give you more customers because what’s a merchant account with a great rate good for you when you don’t have anyone wanting to buy your products or services ? 

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Square snags one million merchants, liberates the cashless — Engadget

According to founder Jack Dorsey, the company has hit a milestone today, signing up over one million small business owners ready to swipe. For merchants, all it takes is a Square reader and an iPhone, iPad or Android to start processing the plastic of the cash-o-phobic — practically rendering those ATM pit stops pre-taco run or flea market excursion useless.

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