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I try to meet with my web guru (I'm not even sure he likes me to call him that) every week at minimum, but we generally exchange e-mails just about everyday. We generally like to meet over a meal (since majority of the time I drive out to his office I am always asking him for a recommend place we can eat)  and aside from our business talk, we have actually know each other for well over ten years. I am telling you all this because just the other day when we met, he was telling me about so many different tools and techniques he was implementing for some of his other clients. 

He kept ranting about this awesome Back Burner soup I needed to try at Polly's Pies (it's like a mini version of Marie Calendars) and when the waitress made her way over to our table and took our order I decided to go with his recommendation… while we waited for our food and he kept sharing what he was working on, I had an epiphany it occurred to me that, the wealth of knowledge he posses is something that any business with a website desperately needs. 

So after an in-depth conversation and some negotiating I finally convinced him to share his treasure chest of knowledge with our reads…

This is truly awesome because it goes hand in hand with our core beliefs that merchant services should be something so much more than just credit card processing…

So starting this month our very own web guru Iman Diaz will start to post some extremely relevant information on our site that you can immediately begin to implement in your business to help you get the traffic and eye balls your website needs to process more sales and grow your customer base!

Till Next Time,
Kim Gil

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