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Dear Business Owner,
I am really glad you are here today. I’m excited you’ve taken an interest in learning about the software we want to put in your hands.  Before you read any further, know this…. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business or what kind of business you are. As long as you have a website built with WordPress, this is for you.  It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a techie or if computers and software cause you to hyperventilate in a brown paper bag. This software couldn’t be easier to setup, because we give you complete over the shoulder training.

We run businesses in a world that is constantly changing and challenging us. If it’s not higher taxes, it’s rising fuel costs and the list of migraine inducing causes goes on and on. This is why today you need to start building the most important asset your business needs in order to grow in the face of any challenges. Your business needs to build a customer database of e-mails and/or text messages if you expect to survive in the months to come. We’ve all worked to long and hard to allow uncontrollable circumstances cripple the business we’ve built through dedication and  passion.

Everywhere  you go today, you can bet you’ll see someone walking around with their eyes glued to their cell phones. Just this morning I read that Facebook mobile users surpassed desktop users for the first time ever!  (Read that one more time) That’s insane to think that out of 800+ Million Facebook users across the globe…. more than half of them are on their cell phones using Facebook than on their computers!!

The stats on the image below are a bit old, but keep in mind if that’s what they were three years ago… what are they today?

[notice type=”information” title=”Mobile User Statistics” tag=”h4″]mobile-user-2[/notice]


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[lists style=”6″ title=”Here’s What You Get With Our Sales Machine” tag=”h2″]
[lists_item]Customer Reviews Automatically Get Posted On Your Website[/lists_item]
[lists_item]Gather Customers E-mails Automatically[/lists_item]
[lists_item]Gather Customers Cell Phone Numbers Automatically[/lists_item]
[lists_item]You Can E-mail Customers As Often As You’d Like[/lists_item]
[lists_item]You Can Text Message Your Customers As Often As You’d Like[/lists_item]


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