The Death Of The Printed Loyalty Punch Card

How A Late Night Documentary on Shaving Cut Costs And Increase Revenue For Business Owners

Just last night I was channel surfing before I went to bed and came across something that caught my attention, it seems the National Geographic Channel was airing a documentary on shaving. The most interesting takeaway from the documentary was that the founder of Schick wanted to create electric razors early on in his career. It seems that his ambition was years ahead of the technology needed to make motors small enough to fit into the palm of someone’s hand. He basically had to put his vision on hold and allow the technology to catchup with his plans for electric portable razors. When the first electric razor was introduced, it changed shaving for men everywhere.

The story of Shick reminded me of the iPhone when it was first introduced back in 2007, though I’m sure Steve Jobs and Apple were challenged by the technology, they weren’t forced to wait years and years and allow the technology to catch up to their vision. It was after January 9th in 2007 (when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the world) that the iPhone completely transformed the mobile phone industry, the way people interact with their phones and more importantly the iPhone paved the way from an entirely new industry of books and mobile applications.

The two examples I’ve just shared with you illustrate that when an industry has stopped evolving, stopped innovating, and generally stopped moving forward, an unique opportunity is created for someone to come along and challenge the status quo, for someone to serve millions with truly beneficial products and services.

An industry that is ridiculously guilty of failing to evolve and innovate is the loyalty rewards program industry. To be more specific in my accusations, it’s really marketing companies who provide the printing services associated with physically printed loyalty reward cards. It really saddens me to see that business owners are still spending money on ordering physically printed loyalty punch cards, it’s almost as ridiculous as a music enthusiast still wanting the latest U2 album on cassette tape. Even though Global Merchant Innovations LLC is a merchant services business, our philosophy is that business owners should have the latest tools, allowing them to run their business with refined efficiency. If marketing, printers or loyalty reward service providers aren’t willing to innovate and challenge the status quo then guess what… we will!

It’s for this very reason that with profound enthusiasm and overwhelming pride that today marks the day in which Global Merchant Innovations changes the loyalty rewards program industry. Today we are pumped to unveil our truly remarkable Customer Appreciation Software solution for business owners of all shapes and sizes….

It’s online software that allows business owners to STOP spending money on physical loyalty punch cards and divert just a fraction of that money toward doing the exact same thing just digitally. The most important thing though is that business owners get to reward their customers while capturing the most critical piece of information about their customers… their cell phone numbers (they get to do this all at a fraction of the cost compared how it’s done now)! I haven’t even gotten to the best part is… the Customer Appreciation Software is as FREE as we can make it, the only expense associated with the software is the registration of a local telephone number (that the business owner owns and is only $1 per number per month) the other cost is with text messages, every time a message is sent or received it costs the business owner one penny!! There are no monthly minimums or long term commitments, it’s a pay as you go service so the more a business uses the software the more pennies they have to pay, if a business owner doesn’t use the software then they just pay $1 per month to retain their local phone number they selected during the signup process.

Aside from the jaw dropping cost and information that is captured in using this software, the biggest benefit is that the Customer Appreciation Software provides business owners leverage. When business gets slow on a Saturday night, or any other day of the week for that matter… all they have to do is login to the software and Text Message their clients and give them a reason to come into their business. Global Merchant Innovations isn’t interesting in telling you what to offer, or taking a percentage of your sales or even profiting from the software one bit. We are simply interested in giving back, we are interesting in helping the brave men and women who work so tirelessly to operate the businesses that make up our economy.

If your interested in signing up for our Customer Appreciation Software simply click on the following link to get started >> Customer Appreciation Software SignUp

After you select a username, password and provide your e-mail address, we will e-mail you the needed login link, a short 10 min instructional video on how to get setup and how to reach us if you need help.

Here’s to your success!

Speak Soon,
Armando Gil

P.S. Here is the over the shoulder training video you get once you have signed up for your free Customer Appreciation Software account (it’s 11 min it’s length because our in house tech guru talks you through the process, but actually taking the steps shows to signup and setup really only take 5 min tops!)

Sign Up Here >> Customer Appreciation Software SignUp <<

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