Benjamin Franklin was once quoted saying, “time is money”, I want to make you a promise that by the time you are done reading this page you’ll discover how to easily make some simple tweaks in your business that can provide you a lot more time to spend doing the things that but money in your bank account. You will learn how to stop allowing specific aspects of your business to suck your time and cost you money. The reason why I am telling you this is because you provide professional services, which means your time is the most valuable asset you have.

I don’t know what types of services you provide your customers, but the one thing I can be sure of is that you probably accept checks in exchange for your services. So in the next few minutes I want to share with you what benefits credit card processing can offer you that checks can’t.

We strongly believe you deserve the peace of mind knowing that the money you receive in exchange for the time you invest in your clients finds it’s way into your bank account without you having to spend the time to physically deliver it there.

When you accept a check as payment, you accept more risk than needed and invest more time than you should in processing that method of payment. In the many business strategy sessions we setup with business owners, to see if we can provide beneficial merchant services that are a right fit, we repeatedly hear of scheduled days of the week set aside just go to the bank, find parking and spend time in a teller line. The downside to this common practice is that even when the time is made to physically handle a bank deposit, that funds from that check aren’t “really” available in your bank account until they have successfully cleared the check writers bank account.

If that check sound happen to bounce, you have to invest even more time contacting that customer to obtain another check or method of payment, aside from having to incur the banking fee’s associated with having deposited a check that bounced, and in the last few years banks happily keep raising those fees as much as they can.

If you add up the time you spend handling your banking, today you can begin investing that time in closing new customers, or finding additional ways to bring new levels of efficiency to your business. You can begin to wisely invest your time when you use the right merchant services, because there is a certain comfort wrapped in confidence in swiping a credit or debit card and seeing an “approved” notice as a result of doing so. That feeling of comfort becomes even greater when you review your bank statements online or on paper and see that the money you work so hard for finds it way to the bank without your physical involvement.
Every business regardless of shape, size and nature has time consuming paperwork when it comes keeping track of the finances. Today you can schedule a no cost, pressure free, sales pitch free strategy session with one of our professional services team members to discuss exactly how merchant services can provide you a few extra hours of week to invest in the critical areas of your business. Click on the button below to schedule your strategy session