Why Online Merchant Account Providers Are Failing Small Business

How A Chicago Resident Changed The Way I Look At Online Merchant Account Providers

why we need better online merchant account providersToday I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and talk about why majority of online merchant account providers are failing small business owners from California to New York. Hi my name is Iman Diaz and Kim Gil the CEO of Global Merchant Innovations made an announcement a few days ago that I would now be contributing regular content to this site.

I am a 27 years old and have been self employed my entire career, I own two small business and both are located in Southern California, I tell you this because recently I dedicated to get engaged and it was because of this life changing decision that I came into contact with someone who was college room mates with my fiancés sister. It turns out she was having a hard time finding employment in this economic climate, so instead of continuing to look in the same places hoping she would eventually find a job…she decided to start her own business!

This young lady was a remarkable fresh breath of air because in speaking with her I realized something fundamental in today’s economy, and this vital fact is something I want you to have today.

Her business was hand made beautiful scarfs, and fifty percent of each sale was going to donated to a charitable organization in China (I couldn’t’ remember the name at the time of this blog post) she had visited a few months back, it seems she was very touched by the work that they do and wanted to accomplish two tasks with this new business venture.

How She Didn’t Wait For A Traditional Online Merchant Account

In a span of only two days she setup a website that was ready to accept orders and payments! I was speechless to say the least because that determination is something many business owners are missing today but that’s a topic of another blog post 🙂

I spoke with her because she had some specific questions about her website, she wanted to gain a better understanding of how she could automate the order process, easily keep sales tax records and automate many of the administration tasks she was currently doing by hand. In speaking with her, the vital fact I realized was (keep in mind she recently finished receiving a Bachelors degree in Business) and her school clearly didn’t do enough to prepare her for running a business in today’s economy. Please don’t misunderstand me I am not interested in bashing her education or any other educational institution for that matter, I am simply making a point that these steps were not covered in four years of college tuition.

I spent almost fifty minutes on the phone giving her a synopsis of what took me 10 years to learn. When our call ended I began to realize that even though educational curriculum varies from place to place, if Education doesn’t guide soon to be entrepreneurs on how to setup, run and grow a e-commerce business then every single business that dares call itself a merchant service provide needs to fill that role.

If Online Merchant Account Providers Did Things Differently

I mean does it make any sense for someone to process your transactions and take a percentage but not both showing you how to grow your business? It makes sense to me that if someone helps you collect your money quickly (keep in mind they benefit every time you process a transaction) then they should take the extra step to educating business owners.

In doing so the business can only grow in sales volume thus benefiting both parties! It’s a true win/win situation and if more merchant service providers thought like this, our small businesses would be thriving in this ever changing economy.

This very reason is exactly why I have decided to partner with Global Merchant Innovations LLC and it’s visionary leader Kim Gil.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on rant of the day 🙂
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Iman Diaz

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