Nearly 40 Percent Of Internet Time Now On Mobile Devices

This is super interesting because of the fact that consumer behavior is clearly changing. Business owners every need to adapt to this change. If your a business owner without a mobile website, it’s equivalent to being back in 1990 without a website!

So the question I ask you today is what does your website look like a smart phone?

Perhaps the most provocative graphic from the report is the one above that shows time spent on the Internet. It compares PC vs. mobile engagement. Accordingly, mobile is now almost 40 percent of time spent online. In addition Maps, Music, Weather and Social Networking are categories where people spend more time with mobile than on the PC.

ComScore predicts continued smartphone and tablet adoption, as well as “form factor” blurring. It also predicts mobile advertising becoming a “anding medium.” The firm is equally bullish on m-commerce and anticipates 4G adoption will enable more content consumption and new use cases.

Consumer PC sales are flat and are unlikely to grow again in the future, absent some radical change (Surface probably ain’t it). In the past, people might have bought multiple PCs; now they’ll buy tablets and smartphones instead. That slightly older PC “still works just fine.” So there’s no need to upgrade every two years, especially when there are four other devices around to access the Internet.

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