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Well today is another Thursday! This means it's time for another look at what's going on in the mobile space for credit card processing. Before I bring you latest from around the web, something interesting happend to me the other night…I was inside a Macy's on the hunt for a particular neck tie (because our in house guru Iman Diaz is getting married). I had already visited another Macy's a few nights ago but unfortunately they didn't have the neck tie I was looking forbut this Macy's in the Cerritos mall had just what I was looking wanted! As I approached the counter I noticed that Macy's had adopted the Google Wallet system was shown in the image here, I was impressed because they not only had the latest tech to accept payment for my neck tie but their credit card terminal was actually programmed to ask if I wanted my receipt printed or via e-mail… curious I elected for both. The very next day guess what? I started getting e-mails from Macy's about promitions… this my friends is exactly what merchant services is supposed to do for every business owner. It saddness me when I see business owners not adopting the practices enjoyed by national chains like Nordstroms, Macy and JcPenny's. Since I had Google Wallet on the mind I found this interested developed by Google on the Google Wallet project take a look:

The newest version of Google Wallet now sports a feature that makes paying with a cellphone that much more a reality for non-techie users. Google has launched a cloud-based version of Wallet that “supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover,” according to a post on the Google Commerce blog.

for the United States, offered through Sprint and Virgin Mobile. The list includes Google's own Nexus 7 tablet. Plans have been made to enable other phones to use NFC via a sticker that is added to the case, but this hasn't come to fruition yet….More at Google Wallet Now Supports All Major Credit, Debit Cards – InformationWeek


Interestingly Square, Groupon and Paypal along with a new company I just learned of LevelUp are really changing things up in the mobile credit card processing space have a look more news on mobile payment acceptance:



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