Mobile Commerce Statistics Never Lie About The Future


It's interesting because we have been spending a good amount of time this month talking about mobile marketing in podcast and other articles we have posted online. It's truely the future, a stat I wish were more current but as of 6 months ago or so, says that 1 in 10 people in the United States now have an iPhone and the stats for people with smart phones that are internet ready is just jaw dropping. As a merchant services company we are always looking to make sure we equipt our clients with the needed tools to attract and process new business efficiently, it's for this reason we offer some sms marketing services along with a very impressive Lift Marketing program. 
However regardless of we do or don't offer, a tell sign that a medium is the right way to go is when you see bigger corporations adopting it. In this case Taco Bell is doing a lot in the mobile space! Think about it, how many customers do you see walking around with their eyes glued to a cell phone these days? The mobile commerce trend is pretty clear… so the question for you today is … is your business mobile ready?
Taco Bell is a leader and innovator in mobile commerce and marketing. It offers a mobile app with augmented reality, technology that digitally changes what a consumer sees through his smartphone camera. It recently redesigned its mobile site. It has conducted multiple campaigns with QR codes, two-dimensional bar codes that link to mobile web-based content when scanned by a smartphone camera. And it will begin using text messaging this year….More at Taco Bell offers a large m-commerce menu –
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