Education districts around have drastically evolved over the past few years, amongst the continual changes, the one universal  challenge administrators like yourself face across the country is time management. Your selfless dedication to our youth is one that can never be rewarded enough. Today as a small token of our appreciation, we would like give back to you.

We were most disturbed when we recently heard of a day care center near that closed its doors. The most shocking detail behind the whole incident was that it closed it’s doors not because of low enrollment but because of mis managed finances. If this were some type of gossip blog, the next revelation would be of scandal-is use of the centers funds, however there is no such sanda-is details behind this tragic story, that easily could have been avoided.

The unfortunate chain of events that led to hard working dedicated teachers having to seek new employment, was that the finance department did not handle it’s receivables in a sound manner. Among the many less than ideal practices used, one such was the collection of post dated checks. We personally have nothing against checks,  given all the technology at the disposal of  businesses today… there are better ways.

The finance department could have easily and afford-ably implemented merchant processing services with the option for reoccurring payments and a simple to use pin debit card terminal. The benefits of such a service would have allowed the finance director to only have to manage those individuals who’s credit / debit cards had expired or been declined for some other reasons, there by eliminating one time consuming tasks, of having to remember who’s check to deposit and who’s check to continue holding, allowing said individual to focus on other more important matters.

The pin debit terminal would of ensuring that when fee’s needed to be collected, the day care would of collected it’s fees with speed, accuracy and all with minimal impact on overall overhead expense. The features offer with such services are astounding, allowing transaction logs to easily integrate with popular account software packages like Quick books and many others.

So here is what it’s all about, you deserve the right to focus on what matters most to you. Your passionate desire to make a difference in tomorrow leaders should be front and center in your daily duties. What most administrators fail to understand is that merchant services are not about transactions being accepted but convenience… the convenience to have more time to spend being creative, planning new lessons, keeping current with the latest in child development or all of the above!

Global Merchant Innovations is much more than just a merchant service provider, at the heart of our motivation is finding new ways to bring about innovation to people like you. Over the years merchant service providers have earned a much deserved black eye for the their many imoral practices.

We believe in taking a drastically different approach to merchant services, because not all merchant services are created equally. Individual businesses have unique needs and understanding those needs must be the the starting point before making any recommendations.