How To Deal With Unexpected Change

How To Deal With Unexpected Change

Hey everybody, this is Iman Diaz. And, welcome to 2013. We are 30 days into the New Year. Where does the time go? I hope you all had a great holiday and had an even better New Year. Now this is going to be a fantastic year for you as a business owner, for every single business owner from California all the way to New York. Now, I know that some people may not be so enthusiastic about this year, but it’s a time of being excited about having new goals; about setting New Year’s resolutions that you do or don’t follow. But, regardless of what resolutions you did or did not set; the reason why; it’s just going to be me today. Armando won’t be joining us. The reason why I wanted to record this episode for you today, and get it out as soon as possible; and we’ve been kind of quiet recently. We haven’t recorded any episodes in quite a while, is because we’ve been working on something rather exciting that I get to reveal and introduce to you today.

Now, I don’t know what city you happen to operate in or where you live; but, we’re sure living in some challenging times. There’s so many different things that are challenging and stressing out business owners regardless of what city or state you live in. Whether it’s a slowing economy, slow moving inventory, unexpected tax bills, rising fuel costs that have to be passed on to consumers, rising labor costs, new regulations; whatever it is that you’re dealing with. There’s just so much that’s constantly going on, and business owners are just bombarded and having to deal with it, and find new ways to be creative to work around that.

Now, we’ve put our heads together at Global Merchant Innovations, the management team, and we try to think, “Regardless of what’s going on in the economy, regardless of what challenges a business owner might face; what could we give, what could we come up with to give business owners everywhere, regardless of size, regardless of how many years they’ve been in business, an unfair advantage in this type of challenging economic environment.”

What could we provide, what could be the magic bullet, so to speak, that we could give business owners that could release some of that stress? Regardless of what happens, they’re going to feel comfortable being in business. What we came up with in thinking about that we see a need everywhere. And, that’s a need to build one of the most important business assets in commerce. And, that’s a sales machine. We see that the ability to have a sales machine is going to be that silver bullet, is going to be that unfair advantage.

Now, what I mean be a “sales machine” is, think about this for just a second; what would happen if you lost everything tomorrow? What would happen if there was an unforeseen natural disaster in which your business got wiped away because of a hurricane, a fire, or an earthquake, you name it, and your retail location wasn’t standing anymore? What would happen if you lost every single tool that you use to operate your service business? What would happen if; the scenario could keep going, but I think you get the idea; what happens if worst case scenario, let’s say? What would you do? What could you have that would allow you to say, “You know what? It’s unforeseen, but I’ll rebuild. I’ll start over again, and that’s OK.” Because as a business owner, we know that the community of entrepreneurs from coast to coast, you guys are a resilient bunch.

You guys, nothing stops you. We don’t want this challenging economy to put the brakes on your dreams and your goals for 2013. So, that’s exactly why we put our heads together, the management team of Global Merchant Innovations, and we came up with the Global Merchant Innovations sales machine that we are excited to reveal today and bring out to the business community. Here’s the best part. Let me tell you what the sales machine is going to do; because, I’m sure, some of you listeners might be thinking, “What is that he’s talking about, exactly?”

Now, I want you to think for a second. Think, from the time you started your business, from your very first customer, from that very first transaction, up until today; what could you do if you had a review and the cell phone number and the email of every single customer that you have done business with from the time you started business up until today? Now, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business. What could you do with that information? Think about it. If you happen to be in the restaurant industry, in the food space and you have an unforeseen tax bill. Whether you have a piece of equipment that’s gone out and broken, say a refrigerator, and you have hundreds of dollars of perishable foods that’s going to go to waste and the trash because of regulations that you have to keep things at a certain temperature. What could you do with that information? Within a matter of minutes, you could notify all off your existing customers, let’s just say 25% of those customers, of the fact that you’re running a promotion and you need to sell and move these pizzas. Or, sell more whatever it is that you happen to have that’s going to go bad. Think about it. If you, for some reason, had to move your business because the city you live in pulled an eminent domain move, and the location you’ve had for 32 years is, all of a sudden, going to go bye-bye, and it’s not going to be around anymore. What could you do with that information? You could notify all of your customers that you have had to relocate to a new address because of this reason. And, the impact of having to move would be very much minimalized.

What could you do if you happen to lose your location or service business because of an accident and you want to notify all of your customers that you have to have some downtime? You’re going to be up as soon as you could, and once you’re up you’d notify all of them. That kind of power, that kind of advantage is what we consider to be ‘unfair’. Because, business owners today, you guys are so busy. You guys are so busy being inundated with so much that the building of a business asset, such as a sales machine, it gets forgotten. It gets ignored. You get so busy handling transactions, moving on to the next thing, watching your receivables, watching your payable, taking care of staff, whatever the case might be, that you just don’t make the time to do this. It’s not a first priority, and it should be a first priority.

That’s exactly why we have made it super simple. Ridiculously cost effective for you as a business owner to build a sales machine, and here’s the best part: on autopilot. It’s not going to require any additional work on your part, and the cost is going be extremely minimal. The requirement to building the sales machine is number 1, you have to recognize the importance of having to do it for your specific business. And, number 2, you have to have what’s called a WordPress powered. If you don’t know what that means, then chances are that you’re not going to be able to benefit from this right now. We will roll this out later on for all business regardless if they have WordPress on their website or not. But, for starters, this is how we’ve decided to do it for now.

Now, if you have a WordPress website, here’s what this sales machine that we are going to give you, means to you. Number 1, it’s going to allow you to collect reviews from your customers that are automatically going to be posted to your website without you having to do anything, without you having to call anybody, without you having to pay anybody. These reviews are going to get posted, and they’re going to be raw feedback from what your customers have to say about your products or services. If there happens to be a bad review, don’t worry. It will get filtered out, and it won’t make it onto the website. The software can automatically be configured to post reviews that are over a certain rating. That’s going to allow your business to have some social proof that is going to allow potential customers to see what other customers have to say about your products and services. That’s going to make them more likely to do business with you. In addition to that, while you collect the reviews, and they’re automatically posted on your website.

The second benefit is that you are automatically going to collect the cellphone number and build a cellphone database of all of these customers that give you a review. And that’s going to be extremely low cost of how that gets built. It’s going to cost you a penny per number. That’s really, really ridiculous. And, we don’t charge you that. That’s a service that we’ve integrated with that makes that possible, and we’ll show you how to set that up.

Global Merchant Innovations does not make one cent off of this software. Now, the third benefit is that while you’re collecting reviews, and you’re collecting cellphone numbers, you’re going to build an email database at no cost. We’re going to give you some email marketing software absolutely free, and show you how to integrate it with this sales machine software; so that you build your email database of those customers as well.

So, you’re going to have automatic reviews that are going to result in more business over time. You’re going to have a cellphone database and an email database that is going to make up your sales machine. It’s going to give you that unfair advantage in your specific industry, in your specific city and state. It’s going to allow you to operate and have that smile on your face, that smug feel, regardless of what comes your way. You got an unexpected tax bill? No problem. Send out a mass text message; send out an email to all of your customers notifying them you’re having a fire sale. Your accountant screwed up and you need to move whatever inventory it is that you have; whatever perishable product that needs to sell today, today, today.

So, if you’re interested in acquiring this sales machine that we are going to provide you for absolutely free, for nothing, and we’re going to give you over-the-shoulder training on how to set this up. If you’re not technical, don’t worry. You don’t need to be a technical person. This is ridiculously simple. We provide you step by step, we hold your hand through the entire process, we give you videos, we give you checklists, we give you instructions on exactly what needs to be done in order for you to get this set up in a matter of just a few minutes on your very own website. We even take it a step further and provide you some free software that you can use to print out, you don’t have to have, no technical skills required. No Photoshop, no graphic designer skills required to print out your very own flyer that you can print out immediately in your computer, download into a PDF document that you can just open up and hit print. It’ll come out right on your computer. You can post it by your cash register, your point of sale machine, wherever your customers can see it, to allow them to participating. You can incentivize them with whatever it is that you’d like. If you want to give them a few dollars off your bill, if you want to give them something free, that’s totally up to you.

Once they see that, they can participate in, they’ll leave you a review. It’ll automatically get posted on your website, it’ll build your text message database, it’ll build your email database. With so many customers and so many millions of iPhones, smart phones, android phones, BlackBerrys, you name it, with people being constantly glued to their cellphones, it takes a matter, of probably someone who’s a fast texter, maybe 60 seconds, maybe 120 seconds to complete the entire process. A minute, worst case scenario, if you’re slow at typing, maybe two minutes. If you have one of those old school phones, maybe two minutes to complete this process of leaving your review, of collecting the cellphone number and email.

If you’re interested in acquiring your own sales machine, then here’s the next step you need to take: you need to go to That’s You’ll be taken to a page in which some of the benefits that I’ve mentioned today in this episode of Merchant Mogul will be listed on the page. You scroll down to the bottom because you’ve heard all the benefits already, and go ahead and sign up. Click the sign up button, and go ahead and provide your name and email and your business name. In which, you’ll go ahead and receive a confirmation email. After you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll receive the download links to download your very own copy of the Global Merchant Innovations Sales Machine and be directed to where to get the support videos, the documentation on exactly what you need to do.

Keep in mind, this takes a matter of a few minutes. It’s not difficult. You don’t need to be a technical nerd to do it. And, you don’t have to call anybody or pay anybody. If you happen to run into any trouble, we’re always here to help. You can always contact us, our support desk, or call or phone number. Leave us a message, and one of us will get back to you from our support staff to assist you with whatever it that you have.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the iTunes store. Leave us a review, send in your questions, let us know what you’re thinking. If you have any criticisms, any comments, whatever it might be, give us some Facebook love, a tweet, a Google plus, whatever it is that you happen to do, where ever it is that you happen to hang out. Give us some love and we appreciate you utilizing this. We’d appreciate you spreading the word and telling your other business owners, your other buddies that are in business with you about this; because, we can only imagine the power that this would have if every single business owner from coast to coast implemented this today. What would that do to business? How much business improve everywhere? Just a fraction of a percent, one percent in every single business could be the difference between a stress free life and a stressed life.

I hope you have a great weekend on this wonderful day of January 18, 2013. I think I’ve gone on for long enough. I don’t want to put you to sleep. So, that concludes this episode of Merchant Mogul; and, everyone have a great weekend, and we’ll talk soon. ‘Til next time; I’m going to go back to my computer here and see what else we can come up with to benefit business owners everywhere. Thanks so much, everybody.

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