Managing a construction business  in hasn’t gotten any easier over the past 10 years. There are simply too many things that can have a dramatic effect on your overall success, when you take into account OSHA regulations, Liability Insurance, keeping your Bonds updates, finding dependable employees, the list can go on and on right?

Business owners just like you face the same challenges day in and day out, however amongst all the day to day responsibilities it takes to keep your business running, the one things you should not lose sleep over is cash flow.

We understand that because you have to make every penny count, you need as many of them available at a moments notice to keep up with unforeseen necessities like extra lumber, electrical wiring the inspector made you redo, cash advances for your sub contractors, etc.

Global Merchant Innovations is fully equipped with a variety of merchant services ( we provide more than just credit card processing ) that are designed to streamline your receivables, ensuring that funds are  available at your disposal.  In all our years of business, we still have not come across the business owner who actually enjoys managing their receivables. The way we look at it, why not put them on auto pilot?

It’s unfortunate that there tends to be a dark cloud of opinion when it comes to merchant services in any given industry, mostly concerning pricing. However you can rest assured that our number priority is to ensure you have a complete understanding of any and all fee’s in clear easy to follow statements. Our main focus above all else is to give you the needed tools to grow your business, regardless of size or complexity we stand ready and able to give you the most precious gift a business owner like you can have…peace of mind. With merchant processing services from us you can easily enjoy the following benefits: