Why Should Business Owners Accept Credit Cards (Podcast)

In this episode of Merchant Mogul Armando and Iman talk about how why business owners need to accept credit cards. Though this topic might seem basic, this short episode covers some really important fundamentals every business owners needs to implement or improve in their business.  Since we are living in an age of convenience and speed the fact that there are  millions of credit and debit cards in circulation, focusing on credit card process fee’s (which many business owners tend to do)  can actually hurt the growth of a business. However accepting credit cards isn’t just about business growth, it’s about customer experience! Not only are we living in an age of instant gratification but we are also overwhelmed with choices, there are too many channels to browse through on Satellite TV, endless drive thru choices on the way home and with so many options existing for customers… experience is everything! It’s what makes your business memorable and creates that personal bond between your good or services and your customers.

So this episode is perfect to help you rethink the kind of experience you create for your customers from start to finish…. The last nugget of helpful information is about why business owners really need considering accepting American Express if they don’t or declined in the past.

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